Tests, expertise, training

Support, tests and controls, metallurgical expertise and training, process and cost optimization, continuous improvement and updating, on-site audit, expertise and controls, safety and environment compliance, commercial heat-treatment, compliance with international standards: CQ1-9, AMS 2750E.


Carburizing, hardening, carbonitriding, tempering, annealing, nitrocarburizing, brazing, nitriding, austempering, sintering, oxynitriding, oil/salt quenching.


Copper alloys, aluminum alloys, carbon steels, low alloyed steels, alloyed steels, stainless steels, titanium alloys, nickel alloys, precious metals.


Flammable gases: Hydrogen, Methanol Cracked ammonia, Propane, Methane. Inert gases: Nitrogen/Argon/Helium. Oxidizing Gases: Air/Oxygen/Carbon Dioxide.